Wally Carlson’s real name is Walfred Carlson III. He likes to hide his true identity, seemingly because he’s embarrassed about everything element of his life. He was a tiny, sweater vest wearing dork who desperately wanted recognition among black students as a young school boy. He attended Burncoat High School in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Even though Wally pretends to be raised in the ghetto, he went to high school in an affluent area in Worchester with his twin sister. As he aged in years, he quickly went to work to transform himself into a black person. He began to sound and act EXTRA ghetto to achieve his goal. This is evidence of a racist spirit in him, because he thinks this type of ignorant behavior will make him fit the description he has in his mind of black people.

Walfred Carlson III has the worst Napoleon complex known to man, mainly because (like Napoleon) he overcompensates for being a tiny man. He does this by yelling at people to assert authority over them, and acting ‘gangster’ in order to garner respect and boost his street credibility. Another proof of this is how he uses all capital letters when he addresses people in Youtube's comment section. He does this to compensate for his short stature so people recognize him when he talks.

Wally likes to pretend there was a time when he chopped up kilos of cocaine on the streets in the (nonexistent) ghetto of Worcester, Massachusetts, when in actuality, he has never been arrested for anything; rather he was just a dime bagging stoner who frequently owed his local dealer 50 to 100 dollars for dirt grade bud. For the record, Wally does NOT know how to use a gun, and he has never been violent. He has never even been victorious in a street fight. He’s just an unusually short white man who liked to imitate the thug life he saw in the many movies he idolized as a young man.

About 9 or 10 years ago, Walfred realized he wasn’t hitting it big in the streets, or in the music business. He then began the early stages of a money making scheme by starting up a ‘ministry’. He then went on YouTube, and began to post his unbiblical teachings derived from the borrowed racism found in the teachings of Stephen Darby. He also mixed in stolen teachings from other established black preachers like Gary Price and G Craig Lewis incorporating their style into his own ministering style and sermon subjects. In Walfred’s quest for fame and popularity, he quickly realized that his difficulty reading and poor articulation was not helping him bring in the amount of views he desired. He grinned it out day and night on YouTube for 5 years and no one seemed to take him seriously. Walfred was tired of passing a basket and begging for cash. So he sold his soul for fame and hatched a plan to produce click bait videos about Bill Gates, the Illuminati, and other such conspiracy theories in order to attract a much wider and more ignorant audience to his “ministry”. There’s no doubt that Wally also kept his hip hop demons because as he began to enjoy a growth in internet popularity, he also began to use the donations given to his ministry to revive an effort to glorify himself by promoting his personal rap career on Worldstar Hip Hop. His attempt to use carnal methods to exalt himself before the heathen world failed and he was unable to convince worldly people he was something other than a fearful, tiny man.

During this period of time, Wally had managed to convince many of his ministry members to appear as extras in his rap music videos in the name of Jesus. He did this as an attempt to achieve fame and fortune, but he never intended to share the spotlight with the people helping him. It should also be noted that he made sure to leave the name of the Lord Jesus Christ out of every one of his songs that he put on Worldstar Hip Hop. He also authorized the spending of 8,000 dollars of ministry cash on such endeavors, simply in order to fulfill his own musical ambitions.

Now that Wally was fully in the flesh with his low budget gangster clap back music videos and his arsenal of conspiracy videos on Youtube, he then started successfully attracting every mentally defiled Christian under the sun toward his ministry. The influx of uneducated followers commenting under his YouTube videos was rocket fuel to Walfred Carlson’s lifelong Napoleon complex.

When Covid19 hit and the vaccines were being pushed by governments worldwide, it was like Christmas come early to the evil spirits behind Wally’s paranoia and fear. He again was entered by Satan, and began to publicly and unashamedly preach that the Covid 19 vaccine was the actual MARK OF THE BEAST. This made him an overnight laughingstock to every stable believer in Christ on earth, and an overnight HERO to every fearful, unstable and carnal Christian on the internet.

As Wally’s little man complex began to rise up in his new found fame, he then decided it was a good idea to attack ministries that are much larger and more successful than his own clown cult, in an attempt to exalt himself as the “General” of the body of Christ by shamelessly dishing out authoritarian rebukes. Wally targeted David Lynn and Philip Blair to steal some of their followers.

Wally seemed to have got away with this for a long time, until Chris LaSala showed up and publicly challenged Walfred to a live doctrinal contention. Wally then clearly tried to hide from any contention when challenged to an official debate. Wally made every effort to conceal the fact that he was urinating himself in fear by claiming that he could not contend unless he was “led by the Holy Spirit” to do so. As Chris Lasala pressed Walfred on the livestream he responded by running his mouth with false accusations, yet he could not contend or back up any of his claims. Wally then pridefully and foolishly told Chris Lasala that no one could do anything to him.

This refusal to humble himself was the beginning of sorrows for Walfred Carlson III.

As a result BDS members poured months worth of exposed videos on poor Walfred resulting in the manifestation that he is nothing more than a prideful idiot with novice level teachings. It was revealed his video were riddled with childlike analogies and mysterious titles designed to lure in fake Christians who are obsessed with demonic secret knowledge. Wally watched as his ego was obliterated in front of the entire world and saw how no-one with a brain would ever take him seriously again. This made Walfred’s Napoleon demon go absolutely insane and he deployed his effeminate right hand man Joshua Robles to clean up the mess. Joshua tried to get something done in the comments as he defended Wally under the exposed videos on the Disciplining Wally Carlson The Barking Napoleon You Tube Channel. However it quickly became clear that Joshua could barely form a sentence or make a valid point and that he would hide in the bushes like his coward leader when called to contend for the faith. After getting embarrassed over and over again, Joshua finally found a way to lie and exploit Youtube’s flagging system to save his god and father Walfred Carlson. They successfully flagged down the DWCTBN channel and experienced two days of victory, but what they did was spur a lifetime of sorrows for themselves. There will now be websites and articles and videos posted worldwide about the false teachings of the false prophet Wally Werks Carlson.

Now Wally abides with his wife and children, tucked away in his suburban home in Georgia while he pretends to be a street dwelling ghetto savior. After all, the second he got your donation money he left the ghetto and moved to the suburbs. There were even people who investigated his home and found out that he was throwing bibles in the garbage. Wally has been under a lot of heat from YouTube and he even is willing to remove his mark of the beast warnings and let you take the Covid vaccine in order to save his money making YouTube channel. Please pray for Walfred’s wife who has wanted a daughter for a long time but Wally pulls out of her and spills his seed on the floor as he has taught a multitude of other men in his ministry to do. Wally also refuses to allow his wife to have a drivers license and keeps her close to him at all times because of his insecurities about her leaving him. Aside from this even though the Bible says a bishop should be given to hospitality in 1 Timothy 3:2, Wally has decided to NEVER let ANYONE into his home, even his closest disciples and followers in his local congregation.

Walfred truly is an actor and a fraud, he is nothing but a master of stolen valor as he portrays himself as a gangster. When in actuality he is paranoid that his wife will leave him if he lets her have a car. He truly is a man who needs to control every element of his life as he lives in fear and has not entered into God’s rest. His desire going forward is to farm your financing and store it up into his barn, but he only plans to take your money from a distance because you will never step foot in his home. Because you are just an unclean Jesus follower who needs his holy revelations, and his mind is so defiled he is scared that you have plans to put chicken blood under his bathroom sink to curse his marriage.

In short Wally is a clown, a joke, a fearful novice and a money loving con man who loves to use his acting skills to pull you into his cult.

Wally goes on to this day slandering and withstanding Chris Lasala’s doctrine. However he is not able to show up and face Lasala like a man. He is totally fine with the entire planet knowing he ran from a fair moderated debate.

Please email visitbds@gmail.com to report any future corruption that might be witnessed at Walled Carlson’s hip hop events.