Who Are We? Discover The Humble Beginnings Of The Disciplining Wally Team!

The Disciplining Wally Carlson Association was founded by Chris LaSala, Ben Robertson, and Brother Tris and was cemented in stone on March 8, 2021 when Wally Carlson chose to mouth off to his dad, Chris LaSala. Chris arrived on the scene to turn Wally’s ego into a bowl of mashed potatoes and embarrass him for life; because the stink of his little man complex had already reached the throne of the Most High God, and it was grieving God and his servant Chris LaSala and many other leaders in the body of Christ. Wally’s massive ego reached its full measure in early 2021 as he began to try to overtake other brothers in Christ because of his sheer jealousy and need for attention. Wally disguised his efforts to be the God over all other youtubers that he had deemed more popular than him. He used disagreements over side issues as the outward excuse to go after them publicly.

In 2018 the first reports got back to Chris LaSala that Walfred was running his mouth about Chris’ doctrine in Ghetto Gospel’s private ministry meetings. As soon as news got back to BDS, Chris made efforts to wipe the floor with Wally’s ego by having a disciple at BDS challenge Wally to a debate In late 2018. After multiple attempts to get Walfred to contend by challenging him through his disciple Growing Warrior, aka Howard Stern, it quickly became evident Wally was inept to defend his doctrine and too afraid to obey scripture and earnestly contend for the faith.

Because BDS members could not get Walfred to crawl out of the bushes to get doctrinally obliterated they needed to hatch a new plan. In 2019 the BDS false prophet intel division and the BDS clown eradication squad had begun early stage surveillance on Walfred Carlson and Wally quickly became known as “The Barking Napoleon” among the team. Investigators at BDS tried to uncover his network of disciples, only to find out he has no real disciples whatsoever but he surrounds himself with two or three incompetent, weak minded, biblically illiterate effeminates that make up his inner circle.

For about a year or two Walfred remained on the back burner in the investigations department at BDS, his picture hung on the wall mainly just to laugh at while the BDS team chatted during coffee break in the war room. It was Wally’s attack on a well known Christian minister that provoked the higher ups at BDS to take Walfred’s file off of the shelf and it triggered an overnight ego demolishing warrant to put an end to “The Clowneral”.

Immediately, the well trained team of clown bounty hunters at BDS began to develop a plan to sink their teeth into the Barking Napoleon’s ego on the world stage. Chris LaSala and other members of BDS began to stalk their prey, patiently waiting for Wally to get sloppy and crawl out of the safety of his highly edited dinner table messages. It was much more effective and faster to bury Walfred’s ego in a live discussion, and this remained difficult to set up if he remained in his home where he had the directors cut to clean up his moronic doctrines before they hit YouTube. BDS members knew the best chance at humbling Walfred was to corner him into a biblical discussion on a live stage where onlookers would get a chance to see Wally’s ego get methodically removed from his body live on video while they enjoy popcorn and a soda pop.

Many options were considered in the coordination of the assault on Walfred Carlson’s ego, such as crashing one of his false prophecy conferences, calling him out by video, confronting him as he leaves his suburban home, or approaching him on his way into the hip hop recording studio in Atlanta. There were even some theories and plans that he could be captured at the Great Wolf Valley Lodge as he floats in the wave pool with his children enjoying the money he took from people. Many of these plans remain on the table until now. However Christmas came early when Wally showed up on the Dorre Love Livestream and the wheels instantly went into motion and Wally’s dad moved to obliterate Wally’s ego once and for all.

Like usual, no-one knew the plan except the BDS investigation team, but the masses online knew that Chris LaSala showed up with the intent to skin and debone poor Walfred. The people began to cheer in the live feed for Chris to be allowed to pounce on poor Walfred, the audience was just excited to see Wally’s ego be sent into outer orbit live, but Wally played it smart and immediately went into a self righteous time wasting tap dance and an ongoing babble fest. It was clear to everyone Wally’s body went into fight or flight knowing the eternal demise of his tough guy reputation was near. Wally began to blurt out foolish false accusations toward Chris LaSala, accusing him of blasphemy of The Spirit and Wally rambled on refusing to agree to a live contention at a future time and date as he compulsively screamed “this is out of order” over and over again. Even the moderator of Dorre Love’s live stream had to calm him down saying “This is a live stream Wally”. It became immediately evident to everyone Wally was afraid and that he was not in Kansas anymore, this was not his dinner table, this was not the living room of his suburban home in the woods of Georgia, this could not be edited by Wally to make him look like he was God in the flesh. This was real life and Wally’s biblical illiteracy was about to be put on blast in front of thousands of people. The “General” was about to be exposed for stolen valor.

This was Wally’s big chance to slay “the heretic” Chris LaSala but all Wally wanted to do was change the subject. After all, according to Wally it was more important to justify his moronic rebuke about a side issue than to iron out who God and his Son are. Wally ran his mouth for years about BDS, yet now there were more pressing issues, like Philip Blair’s view of Apostle Paul’s contentious spirit. Aside from all this, Dorre Love had a plan to keep Walfred on the live call so he could embarrass him and Dorre began to see Wally was about to run over the mountainside with piss stained footie pajamas if he allowed Chris to continue his attacks on Wally. So Dorre put and end to what would have been the finest Christian footage known to man and banished Chris to the background. For this Chris jabbed Dorre later that night by wiping the floor with the three headed tooth fairy doctrine. It was understandable that Dorre was not willing to allow Chris to slay Walfred’s ego and he selfishly saved all the fun for himself and David Lynn. Which we forgive him for because the opportunity to spank the Barking Napoleon is too hard to pass up for any man. So now instead of Wally’s doctrine being destroyed within 15 minutes and his ego being trampled into non existence for all to enjoy, Dorre fed the audience a 5 hour drawn out slow cook of Wally showcasing his hypocrisy and foolishness. David Lynn and Dorre filled the show with a few good subtle mocks of Wally’s clown ministry. Everyone got to see what a jealous and critical hypocrite Wally is and everyone saw his unwillingness to admit fault and humble himself. However this was not the career ending devastation the people wanted.

So we move on….

The BDS clown eradication operation was delayed for the moment, Wally can run but he can’t hide. Openly mouthing off to BDS members will always have the offender drowning in years of sorrows and if someone gets disrespectful they just may go on a 5 year silver plan, or 10 year gold plan. However Walfred’s arrogance will likely bring on much more than a 10 year gold plan, he may actually go triple platinum for the first and only time in his music career! But it isn’t the triple platinum he hoped for, this is no music award, this is life sentence. Of course there will be seasons of ups and downs, there will be times Wally’s discipling will seem to stop for a month or two, but none the less, the spanking will persist with no end in sight. For Chris LaSala is Wally’s dad, and disobedience warrants spanking.

This is who the BDS team is, we are angels of death warring against clowns and false teachers. We have a long history of flawlessly demolishing the doctrines of well known heretics. We always try to cut the head off of God’s enemies who refuse to humble themselves and heed sound rebuke. We have a good track record of flawlessly turning many peoples demon doctrine into mashed potatoes. We are known for apologetics and contending with clowns. We enjoy humbling prideful idiots in live contention for the edification of the brethren and the glory of God, and we also love to have humble doctrinal discussions with those who behave themselves and do good. We love the brethren with an unfeigned love as stated in 1 Peter 1:22, but we despise the ministries of those who Lord over God’s heritage and beat the sheep down with manipulative tactics. We despise ministries that deceive God’s elect with demon doctrine. We have spanked many a fraud online, in fact, the reaction is usually always the same, our prey frequently hides from us because they have no answers and they know they cannot formulate a defense for their garbage ministries. We will persist none the less as we do this for the sake of sound doctrine and to edify the saints.